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Welcome to Tropifresh. We are specialist importers and wholesalers of African,  Caribbean and South American fruit and vegetables, selling a wide variety of fresh and dry goods from New Spitalfields Market. Since the business was founded in 1983 we have been dedicated to establishing relationships with quality suppliers, sourcing the best quality and niche varities of produce to meet our customers needs.

Owners Peter and Sandra Durber in the Old Spitalfields Market 1984

Peter and daughter Sarah

in New Spitalfields Market 2014


The company was founded in the original Spitalfields Market in 1983  and for over 30 years Tropifresh has been a leader in the exotic produce market. Since relocating to New Spitalfields Market in 1991, the largest wholesale fruit and vegetable market in the UK, we have grown in size and dominance and continue to bring the best tastes of the tropics to Europe.



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